Hello, and thank you for viewing!

This site will serve to preview development for an independent gaming project as well as my 3d models.

I go by the name Vicious SARR.

My educational background is in Fine Arts, Graphic Design and Fashion. I had to self-teach 3d modeling via online tutorials, and the ever fun process of trial and error. I began by modding for Skyrim; but have recently moved away from modding for a more adventurous endeavor. I create using Autodesk and Adobe software products. My actual career is a sculptor/painter. I show in galleries local to my hometown and occasionally out of state.

I am currently the only designer for an independent game project that I am working on with a few of the fellas in my family. And while game details themselves will not be readily shared at this time, I am previewing the concept assets I am working on to get us started. If you’ve been a follower of my Tumblr and Flickr pages then you’re already somewhat aware of this as over the past few weeks I’ve leaked some WIPs.

I’d like to say that this will be a project that we will eventually complete and release to the public. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself. Anything and everything can happen. But for now, I’d just like to take the time to enjoy and share the process in its meager beginnings and hope it unfolds into reality.

I think an important thing I must divulge is that currently I am the only girl amongst a team of guys. And the team of guys I am working with are modest men, who do not over-sexualize women. So in the event that something skimpy shows up on a female NPC, I (the only female on the team) was the one who would have made the artistic decision to go in such a direction. Likewise, if you see a male NPC scantily clad… I made that call as well, because I appreciate the male form (wink wink). But the aim will never be for gratuitous ends. So if you see male characters in dresses, that was my decision also. And if you see women in bulky, masculine armors that feature no “booby plates”… well that would be my handiwork too. And if you do see a “booby plate,” it will be because I decided I wanted a more feminine feel to a character’s look where personality required it. But you’ll probably never see metal floss bikinis. No one would ever really wear those. Chaffing!

So bearing all that in mind, as I am developing the characters and their bodies, you will see things like breasts/pecks, butts and nipples. But no genitalia. When I was deciding how to make the bodies, Barbie/Ken doll blank down below was sufficient for what we had no intention to include with planned wardrobe and animations.

I warn you all now, I like men’s butts. There will be much butt talk. And lots of screenshots when I make tight trousers for male NPCs. That’s just how it will be. We all need our guilty pleasures. Tight and firm man butts are mine. To quote Tina Belcher, “Butts, Butts, Butts.”

I hope you enjoy a peak into what will be a long and tedious journey for me and the boys.

For more images, or future video sneak peaks, check out the links for Flickr, Tumblr and YouTube at the top right of this site.