I recently decided to add one of my old favourites to the new project: VS Medieval Archeress Dress. However, since my original design included assets from Skyrim and Witcher 3 as part of a Skyrim Nexus Mod release, I had to remake the dress from anew, with all new meshes (including the original ones I had made at that time); which will as well require all new textures and maps in 4k. My plan is to have three versions of the dress included, each featuring a different skirt and shoe set. (Featured above is version 02F, based on my original Skyrim mod version.)

Several of my original items once released as Skyrim mods may be getting the same treatments. Currently the Paige and Fox Hunter have previously undergone such steps to make them new and unique for the independent project, adding as well male versions of the outfits.

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