So until a game engine is decided upon, a few character concepts, outfits and weapons are being tested via Skyrim. It’s all WIP, which means alot could change in a week.

This method atleast gives me a preview into things that work, and things which do not when it comes to texturing. And provides a route for getting over learning curves. Hair is proving to be my biggest challenge right now. I expected to struggle with it before I even started.


Above: Noble Dresses, Jewelry, Grecian Hair V2, Bardiche Axe testings.

Below: Human and Amphibios Male Races, Hair, Assassin’s Clothes, and Bardiche Axe testings.


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    1. vicioussarr says:

      Thanks šŸ™‚
      Unfortunately, none of this current work will be made available as community Skyrim mods. It’s all conceptual work for another project.

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