I get an abundance of questions regarding mods I had made in the past for Skyrim and have recently pulled, such as:

Are you bringing them back Skyrim Legacy Edition?

Will you convert to body (XYZ)?

Are you porting them to SSE?

Are you porting them for console games?

Can I get them privately from you?


The answer to all of those questions is simply, “No.”  None of those thing will happening with my original mods. In the past I’ve provided the reasons via Nexus and individual messages I have received regarding this. But today I’d like to address it here on my official site to clear up any additional questions which could arise, and perhaps eliminate all the commonly asked questions as well.

There were a few reasons I removed my mods. At first it was a huge issue with mod thieves, and people failing to ask for permissions regarding my mods. And then on some occasions people would actually demand that changes be made to my work to suit their personal game play. It became unneeded stress dealing with all the issues surrounding public mod sharing. So I pulled my mods and returned to my original idea- modding to make my own game suit my vision, not anyone else’s; thus preserving total artistic freedom.

Recently, upon talks of making our own game, I mentioned to one of the team members I was going to rework all my original Skyrim mods- reconstructing them from the ground up with new meshes and 4k textures, to add to our independent project. And that’s exactly what I did. I removed any and all assets I had used from Skyrim or Witcher, reworked a few meshes I had made two years ago that could be salvaged, and made newer meshes to replace what had been tossed into the rubbish pile. Everything had to be constructed on an entirely new body as well. So I made the VS EVE Body and the VS ADAM Body to build all the new works and revisions to old ones.


VS EVE Body & VS ADAM Body. Designed for an independent project. Not compatible with any other game.


And that is what has happened or will be happening with all my previous Skyrim mods; including the VS Archeress Dress, VS Fox Hunter, VS Page, etc.

2018 VS Medieval Archeress- Remade
2018 VS Page- Remade
2018 VS Page (Male Variant)- New Item
(Left) 2018 VS Fox Hunter- Remade. (Right) Original VS Fox Hunter- Obsolete













That being said, since everything is being remade for an independent project (we hope someday to release), any work I do for said project cannot be released beyond our team to be used in other games as plugins. We would undoubtedly void any hopes of licensing and copyrighting our works later. True- my outfits may be seen in personal Skyrim screenshots I share via Tumblr, Flickr and other social sites. Currently, I am using Skyrim to test mesh construction, texture quality, and build some attention towards our plans. That in no way means I am releasing or plan to release those items as mods for other games, including Skyrim. All the work I do from here out is either for my own personal use or concepts for the upcoming project and cannot be shared publicly, or privately beyond our team.

I have kept all Witcher items I ported (by permissions granted from CDPR) on Nexus, as Nexus exclusives. And may plan to release further Witcher ports; though not determined yet as my time is wrapped up making new items for my team’s project. At this time, these will be the only outfit/armor plugins I will continue to share publicly. They will however not be made as ports for SSE or console. I have permissions granted to share as Nexus mods alone, per my arrangements with CDPR.


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  1. A says:

    Hi! I’ve had a bunch of your mods for a long while, and I recently stumbled across a screenshot of your reworked Archeress dress and immediately made grabby hands at it and ended up here in my search for it. I’m glad that I found this post–not, by any means, that you need to explain or justify why you do or don’t do anything with the assets you’ve created, but I do appreciate the clarity it provides. I mostly just wanted to send this to tell you thank you for the things you’ve shared in the past–they’re some of my very favorite armors/outfits (and that’s saying something, because I am a terrible armor mod hoarder–it’s a problem), and they make me enjoy Skyrim all the more for them. Also, I’m planning to keep an eye on and follow you here, because I will happily buy any game that ends up coming out with your work in it, based on aesthetic appeal alone–if the storytelling and gameplay are anywhere on par with what you’re making, it’s bound to be something good. I really hope the game your team is working on comes together and ends up available for sale! I wish you luck, and I look forward to seeing what comes of the beautiful work you’re doing.

    1. vicioussarr says:

      Thank you 🙂 We’re hoping very much that we one day get to that point of having a completed title.

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