Concepts Tested Via Skyrim

These items are currently personal mods, meaning:

They are concepts for an independent project through which they will be licensed in the future, and therefore can not be publicly distributed (They will not be released for Skyrim mod downloads). These are strictly tests shots using Skyrim until we have built our own environment through the engine of our choosing.

Male Outfit- Character Set

Custom outfit set for an authoritarian type character. In this case a custom Sheriff “Bibgy Wolf” npc I made for my current game. (L-R) Sheriff’s Tudor Doublet, Sheriff’s Armour, Sheriff’s White Armour, Dark Assassin, Leather Jerkin, & Cloth Jerkin. Accompanied by the Siren’s Song Rapier.

Princess Gown- Medieval Flemish Fantasy Style

Noble Dress 06F & Medieval Scholar Scarf/Hair

Blue Velvet Gown

Mermaid Vers. III Seaweed Corset- Base, Armoured & Land Concepts

Loque Character Model & Ambassador Clothing 01M

Noble Dress 01F & Grecian Circlet 03F

Noble Dress 04

Squire’s Training Armour

Regalia Crown & Noble Blue Velvet Gown

Regalia Amulet

Based on the “Heart of the Ocean” necklace from Titanic.

Queen’s Ceremonial Armour

English Tudor Doublet- Female Gown Variant

VS Rebel Brocade Frock Outfit

16th Century Saxony Gown

-Based on the portrait of Mette von Munchhausen (1552-1576), by Ludger Tom Ring the Younger ,c. 1572.

Tudor Era/Elizabethan Fashions

Raven’s Prophecy Armour

Siren’s Song Armour

Opulent Armoured Nobles

VS Assassin

VS Medieval Archeress (Redux)

All new meshes and textures. Original VS Medieval Archeress for Skyrim is now obsolete.

Royal Court Gown

Dark Bloom Sorceress Gown

Ethereal Gown- the Broken Princess

-Scripted with special wisp effects from Skyrim

Confessor Robes

-Based on the Kahlan Amnell outfit from ‘Legend of the Seeker.’

Siren Mermaid

Coronation Gown

Deconstructed Maiden Gown